Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez In Trouble For Ethics Violation, Cut Checks To Her Boyfriend Using PAC Funds

It’s no shock that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finds herself in the top of the headlines, yet again. She hasn’t exactly been there for any good reasons and seems to find herself on the wrong side of the story. Ocasio-Cortez recently found a way to block Amazon from bringing its major corporation to New York, and she’s constantly stirring up the needless drama tree.

Now she finds herself in some actual hot water with re cent Ethics Violations coming to light, and we aren’t shocked at all really.

It turns out Ocasio-Cortez may have had her current chief of staff pay her boyfriend using campaign PAC money, according to a report from a man named Luke Thompson, who is a National Review contributor.

Seems like a bunch of juicy gossip, but it’s actually a fact, and Luke Thompson took to Twitter to make everyone aware of what exactly is going on behind closed doors.

Not shocking at all, it didn’t take Cortez long to respond to these claims, and to the screen shot that Thompsan had shared. Cortez tried to say that it’s “totally normal” for members of the House to give their spouse and/or significant other an email address so they can see the member’s calendar. Still sounds a bit fishy to me for a non-government person, to have a government email address.

Not long after Cortez tried defending her actions, her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, jumped online in an attempt to defend his superior. He also took to Twitter to reply to Thompson that Roberts doesn’t work for the office in any capacity, and is not paid whatsoever. The email account, according to Chakrabarti, is purely for logistical access.Sure.

The best parts of all this didn’t happen until the very next day when Thompson took a screenshot, which shows Roberts listed as “staff” for Cortez even though they claim he’s not in any way shape or form a staff member.

Hill staffers, like Jordan Haverly, who is a communications director for Rep. John Shimkus, jumped into the debate as well. He posted screenshots from the House IT guidelines showing that spouses, or boyfriends, are not supposed to have official email accounts. See, we knew this all sounded fishy as hell.

Last I checked, emails and calendars aren’t the same thing. Now, here we are, Wednesday morning, and things are getting even more interesting than they were before. Don’t out down your popcorn just yet.

Thompson was clearly on a mission to find out if Roberts was officially hired by Cortez, which led him to another potential ethics violation by Cortez’s team.

Thompson claims that Cortez worked with her current chief of staff to make two payments totaling a nice $6,000 dollars to Roberts, her boyfriend, using campaign money from a PAC run by Chakrabarti. See, we told you it gets better.

Check this out, it gets even better. The first payment was from Brand New Congress PAC to Roberts for $3,000. Prior to Cortez’s election, Roberts worked in web design, but, get this, he was paid by Brand New Congress for marketing. Yeah, “Marketing”.

Just 18 sort days from the original payment made to Roberts, Cortez cut a check to Brand New Congress, LLC for $6,191.32.

So in total, Chakrabarti received $6,191.32 from Cortez’s campaign, but then within two months, Roberts received $6,000 from Chakrabarti for his work as a “marketing consultant.” Yeah, again “marketing consultant” but she says he was not on staff, and it was only for calendar and email. Sure thing Cortez, sure thing.

Even better, at the end of all this, Cortez went on Twitter to say this was a “conspiracy” and the boogeyman is out to get her. Well, she didn’t say boogeyman, but it seems fitting for all this.

A Facebook user by the name of Mike Proctor actually said it best in one of his comments about Cortez,

“She’s a post turtle….ever see a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a post turtle. You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, he’s elevated beyond his ability to function, and you just wonder what kind of fool put him up there to begin with.”

Can’t wait to see how all this unfolds, and to see if she ever gets off that post.