After Going Blue, Virginia Democrats File Bill Taking Away Gun Rights

Virginia democrats took over the state legislature majority a few weeks ago, and now gun owners are seeing what happens when they let liberals outperform them at the ballot box.

A bill proposal has just been filed (and will surely pass) that prohibits people from carrying guns on them in any capacity while participating in a demonstration. Essentially, democrats want conservatives to be toothless, sitting targets in the event they ever start protesting the absolutely insane policies that are surely set to follow.

The new proposal reads:

A person is guilty of unlawful paramilitary activity, punishable as a Class 5 felony if he (what, no “she” here? just “he”?):

Assembles with one or more persons with the intent of intimidating any person or group of persons by drilling, parading, or marching with any firearm, any explosive or incendiary device, or any components or combination thereof.

There’s no mention of concealed carry. The law simply reads if you are with some other people, and you have a gun on you, you have committed a felony in the state of Virginia. Boom. Just like that. You have a criminal record for walking around with a gun.

Democrats know what they are doing. They know that people unable to defend themselves pose no real threat to their agenda. They know that they intend to pass laws allowing for the murder of the unborn (or newborn), and that people will respond potentially respond to violence with more violence. The only way they can get their way, and stay “safe” is to make marching while having a firearm a felony.

This is what happens when we allow the left to spread their ideology through the education system, and mass immigration. When the country was founded our forefathers knew states would try to limit the people’s ability to take up arms against the government. That’s why the second amendment was written.

Unfortunately, our country currently imports millions upon millions of people from around the world who don’t understand this. What’s worse, they have been taught to view guns as evil killing machines, instead of tools for defense, and providing.

Virginia is the first to go. Unless we do something, states like Texas, TEXAS, might have gun rights disappear in the next decade.