After 16 Years And Zero Terrorists Caught, Why Does The TSA Still Exist?

September 11th changed the world in many ways. So much in fact it’s quite clear now that things will NEVER go back to normal.

The terror attacks woke a generation up to a global threat, and our brave young men and women have responded accordingly to fight the evil of their day, just like their grand parents responded and fought Nazi Germany.

Today’s enemy is definitely different. The enemy, though well defined, remains elusive and relegated to a dark part of the world. Which has many asking why they’re a real threat in the first place.

While there exists a real global threat, many of the measures taken to prevent another terror attack here seem absurd. In all honesty, they seem to only exist to make us feel like we’re the bad guys instead.

We’re talking about traveling in air ports. Before 9/11 the airport was a romantic scene where you could walk a loved one right up to the gate and kiss them moments before they departed. You can still do that today. But as soon as yo kiss them goodbye, they practically have to disrobe in order to go through a security line. No shoes, no belts, no shampoo, no lotion. Everything in a small neat clear bag, like you’re entering prison population.

You have to step into a body scanner, be subjected to enormous amounts of radiation, have a full nude color photo taken of yourself, to prove you’re not a terrorist, but you are a slave of the state. Any grumbling along the way will result in you being pulled out of line and having your affects ‘randomly’ searched.

All of these measures we are told are there to protect us. We have to take our shoes off because a young idiot tried to set a bomb off in his shoe, which didn’t happen. But because he tried, we all have to stand barefooted for hours every year to prove that we don’t have bombs in our shoes as well.

Another young idiot tried to set a bomb off in his underwear, and thanks to him TSA gets to see through our underwear anytime we want to fly. But no one will tell you body scanners were already in the airport where the Underwear bomber got on board the plane! He was escorted on to the plane by unknown persons and bypassed the security systems.

As if all the manhandling wasn’t enough, they just silently rolled out even more evasive body shaming protocols.

This is the same TSA who lied about nude images, NOT being stored, and then admitted they were being stored AND that the images were leaked. They had to admit that nude images of tens of millions of American citizens are floating around the internet and on government servers.

TSA this week has announced even more strict measures on any electronic devices larger than a cell phone. They want to be able to take them and X-ray them separately.

Historically new measures of tighter security have only been implemented in the wake of a half hearted terror incident. Since there have been zero airport incidents, then what gives? Have they collected all the information from laptops they needed and are now moving on to ipads and Ebooks?

It’d be one thing if these measures were catching terrorists left and right, but how many have been caught due to these measures so far? The number is actually, zero.

Zero terrorists have been caught because of these measures.

What has happened is the American people have sufficiently lulled into the morass of herd and slave mentalities. They’ve been sufficiently scarred through traumatic video of mainly the 9/11 attacks, that they’ll submit to any form of invasion of privacy under the guise of keep them and their children safe.

Will somebody please think of the children!

How many terrorists has this caught? John Brennan, former head of CIA, was forced to answer, none.

Perhaps catching terrorists isn’t their main objective. Perhaps the same people that ran torture camps, are testing the mass psychological affects of trauma on large scale groups of people.

The NYPD now has retina scanners, and claim that it doesn’t violate your rights.

The TSA now investigates people who ‘resist’ body scans.

Even though the masses are so deep in their slumber to ever possibly wake up, they feel the need to press, and take away even more dignity.

The new restrictions will not catch any terrorists, because they’re not designed to. They will further deepen the slave mentality programming firmly embedded into the minds of millions of Americans, whether they know it or not.

After all the adage of Catch-22 holds firm.

If a nation is enslaved and they know they’re enslaved, are they really slaves?