A University Just Banned Clapping Because It “Triggers” Students, Must Use “Jazz Hands” Instead

Just when you thought today’s youth couldn’t be any softer, they find a way to show you there is nothing they aren’t capable of complaining about.

First, it was safe spaces. Today’s college student can’t handle the thought of someone disagreeing with them, so they have to designate areas where opposing someone’s views aren’t allowed.

Now, young people are trying to get rid of clapping. Yes, clapping…

In an effort to “avoid triggering anxiety,” the University of Manchester has decided students are no longer allowed to clap, and instead must do “jazz hands” to show support.

What in the holy hell is going on with our world? Maybe I just “don’t get it”, but how is one’s anxiety triggered by applause? I would genuinely like to know.

The issue was explained in the student newspaper, the Mancunion:

“It was argued that the loud noise of traditional clapping and whooping pose an issue to students with anxiety or sensory issues. BSL clapping – or, jazz hands – would be a more inclusive form of expression.”

In the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s 18-year-olds were going off to fight in wars. Today’s young adult is concerned with safe spaces, and making sure people aren’t clapping. And they wonder why they get called “snowflake”…

This would be funny if it wasn’t so damn sad. What’s next, no more high fives? Are fist bumps going to be on the chopping block? Are we going to have to abolish speaking altogether?

Should I start putting carpet on my shoes to avoid making the sound of footsteps? Is sneezing going to get kids kicked out of class? Will flatulence get one expelled entirely?

Typically these things are said in jest, but holy moly a university just told students they can’t clap anymore… nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

I’m not alone in criticizing the absurdity of the “clap ban”. Piers Morgan has said that “Britain is losing its mind,” while others have questioned what hope for the future exists if clapping sets people off.

There is something mentally wrong with people who get “triggered” from clapping. No, I’m not talking about people suffering from PTSD. I’m talking about people who get upset from the sound of applause. How do they function when doing anything in society that has noise? Obviously concerts are out of the question for these people.

Instead of teaching young people the importance of “getting over” things they dislike, this university is wrongly teaching them that the world will bend to their whims.