When A Teacher Said Our Soldiers Aren’t The Best, This 4 Star General Puts Him In His Place

Our country wouldn’t be half of what it is without our men and women who volunteer to serve in our military. So it wouldn’t make sense to treat them with respect.

A high school teacher in California was recently fired over comments he made to a seventeen year old student who wore a Marines sweatshirt, about the military.

In a rant that was videotaped, Gregory Salcido, claimed that our military was full of the ‘lowest of our low. They are not talented people.’ The video quickly went viral, and garnered the attention of military and vets everywhere. It even found its way to General Kelly’s office, the White House Chief of Staff.

Brian Kilmeade from Fox News caught up with General Kelly to get his take on the matter, and General Kelly did not hold back,

“I think the guy oughta go to hell. I hope he enjoys the liberties and the lifestyle that we have fought for.”

Kilmeade was also joined in studio by four star general, David Perkins, for his reaction on the matter, being one of the Army’s biggest recruiters. He actively works with the young people as they join up with the armed forces.

He states that in 2017 his command recruited 135,000 people. Of those recruits 96% high school graduates, and of that number about 10% are already college graduates. For just these new Army recruits, the army spent $160 million dollars in tuition assistance for college! “They are extremely, highly educated,” He says.

Even though General Perkins is a very even tempered individual, he was very disturbed that someone would characterize the military in such a way, and wanted Americans to know what was going on.

Salcido said,

“Think about the people you know who are over there. Your freakin’ stupid Uncle Louie or whatever. They’re dumb*****. They’re not high-level bankers. They’re not academic people. They’re not intellectual people. They’re the freakin’ lowest of our low.”

“That’s why I hate when the President tells us we have the best military…I was like no we don’t! The data is in, we don’t have a good military. We haven’t been able to beat these guys wearing freaking robes and chanclas for 15 years…We haven’t been able to beat anyone since World War II.”

Perkins refutes the claims,

“That is not an accurate picture of the soldiers in the US military, in particular the US Army.”

Been accepted into our nation’s military academies is one of the highest honors one can achieve in their lifetime. The military instills honor, courage, and high mental acuity into its soldiers. To criticize them only shows the lack of intelligence the high school teacher himself has.

Mr. Salcido was fired quickly after his statement got out on the internet. El Rancho Unified School District President Aurora R. Villon released a short statement.

“We’re not questioning his freedom of speech, but when we hire teachers to teach in a classroom there is a curriculum that needs to be taught,”

“We know that as educators our job is to develop students’ minds so that they can become critical thinkers. We cannot espouse our personal values on the students and say, ‘This is the way, this is the way that’s right.’ That is not what the classroom is about, to bully students because they have a certain ideology.”

Our military defends us, and when people stand up and make idiotic gross generalizations about our men and women in uniform, the least we can do is go to bat for them, and defend them against the people that seek to dishonor them.