Surprising Hero’s Welcome For Serviceman After He Returns From Deployment

We fail to see the sacrifices our military men and women go through to ensure our freedom. It’s so easy for everyone to pick sides and argue when it isn’t them, or their loved ones putting their lives in danger for people they don’t even know.

A lot of times, they are putting their lives on the line for people who don’t even care. It’s sad really, they do so much to ensure this great great Nation of ours, stays a Nation of people who are free.

With news headlines and stories circulating around it seems there is always something bad to talk about, so today how about some good news.

U.S. Army Reserve Specialist Joseph Ramsey left North Texas in April 2018 to be deployed to Kuwait, this was one of many deployments Ramsey has been on. He, like many other military families, had to leave his wife and children behind to serve his country. For Ramsey he had to leave his pregnant wife Megan and their two toddlers, Martha and Josie, behind while he went on deployment.

Photo Credit: NBC

When he’s home Ramsey works for Park Place Lexus in Grapevine Texas. He does not lose his job when he is gone, and gets to come back knowing he has a job when he gets home.

After this most recent deployment, Ramsey’s co-workers wanted to make sure he got a proper welcome back, and they wanted to show him just how much they appreciate him and his service to our Country, and to their Freedoms. Ramsey’s co-workers threw a surprise party at the dealership for him and his family.

The party they threw for him and his family included Texas Rangers tickets, a Texas Rangers blanket, chips and salsa, dinner at a Texas steakhouse, and toys for their kids. While Ramsey’s was gone his wife gave birth to their third daughter, and he missed his other two daughters birthdays.

I couldn’t imagine missing my children as they grow up without me there. Our service me and women truly sacrifice more than we will ever know. Thank you Mr. Ramsey for your service, and thanks to all of our military men and women out there fighting for our freedom.