Trump Asks Reporters For “Simple Questions”, Then He Puts The Hammer Down When They Can’t Follow Directions

President Trump and the media have a long history of annoying one another. Trump calls them “fake news” and they call our President a lot of things that I won’t mention here. Regardless of the side you take, this moment between Trump and reporters from 2017 is pure gold.

Trump ws meeting with the press to take questions during an announcement for his his labor secretary, Alexander Acosta. He apparently asked them for “simple questions” relevant to the announcement.

In typical form the media could not handle staying on topic and went totally off the rails. Trump clearly gets irritated and tells them several times to “be quiet” and “sit down”.

One man stands up and asks Trump about threats to Jewish People. Trump responds by saying, “You see. He said he was going to ask a very simple question. But it’s not.”

Source: Youtube screenshot.

Trump starts to respond but then is interrupted by another reporter. Trump tells him to “be quite”.

The exchange gets really heated. Watch this and you can easily see why President Trump gets so mad at the media all the time.