President Trump To Honor First Responders in SOTU… There’s Just One Problem

Watching all the arguing going on by politicians can be so mind numbing at times, but when I read or hear about them actually doing good, now that is worth reading and worth listening to. Coming up later today, February 5, 2019, our President will be making his State of the Union address.

The SOTU is a tradition that was started by former President Ronald Reagan in 1982. This is still being used today to demonstrate the importance of issues they care about. It’s nice to have this, so we the people are informed on topics and things that are happening in our country.

As much as Democrats, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried, the SOTU address will happen, and I believe Trump would have made it happen regardless one way or another, because that’s what leaders do. They set examples of whats right, and what’s wrong. They stand up for what they believe in no matter who opposes them, and that is exactly what President Trump has done.

This year Republicans are inviting guests to the State of the Union, these guests help with supporting values such as a stronger border, as well as multiple members of law enforcement and victims of immigration crimes.

Such guest like, D.J. and Wendy Corcoran who are the parents of a young man who was killed by an illegal immigrant. They will be the guests of Senator Marsha Blackburn and Representative Tim Burchett. I think what they are doing to show support for the victims and their families is great. They need to have their voices heard too.

Blackburn told ‘The Wall Street Journal’: “The attendance of Pierce’s parents at the State of the Union serves as a reminder that we as a Congress have a duty to keep the American people safe,”

As well as those guests, Senator John Cornyn is bringing Manny Padilla, who is the former sector chief of the Border Patrol Rio Grande Valley. Padilla is now the current director of the Border Patrol’s Joint Task Force West. Many other Republican members are bringing those in law enforcement who work near the border.

Trump is doing a great job and his SOTU should be powerful… there’s just one problem. The DEMS.

However, just as the Republican party is doing, the Democrats are doing something similar, but completely opposite. The Democrats are inviting guests to prove a point, yet they are just showing their blatant disregard for those law enforcement there, and slapping those who have been victims of illegal immigrant crimes, they might as well just slpa them all in the face with their actions.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who we have all learned to dislike, and take what she says like a grain of salt, is inviting Ana Maria Archila, who is an activist who confronted Jeff Flake during the Kavanaugh hearings. Some Democratic lawmakers are inviting illegal immigrants as well.

Bringing illegals to a massive Government place, wouldn’t that seem a little, well, unintelligent. Talk about putting targets on their backs. They’re basically standing in front of everyone admitting they shouldn’t be here still. These guests include two women who were employed at one of President Trump’s golf resort.

I for one can’t wait to see what unfolds at the State of the Union address today. Stay tuned.