President Trump Does Hilarious ‘Jim Acosta’ Impression, And Sets The Internet On Fire

the battle between the Trump administration, CNN and Jim Acosta is showing no sign of slowing down. At Trump’s latest rally he mocked CNN and the crown went crazy.

It’s clear by now that the popular left-wing news network and the Trump admin are going at it and recently Jim Acosta, a famous journalist with CNN got into a battle with Sarah Sanders and he continues to complain about Donald Trump during press briefings.

Trump was reflecting back on the election and how “Fake News” CNN was keeping track of it, that’s when he began to mock them.

Trump asked his supporters to “remember that incredible night” when he won the 2016 election? Truth examiner reported his actions very well.

He accused the “fake news” of dragging its feet and refusing to call the state in his favor and said, “The whole thing was red and {the reporter} was like heh-heh-heh” and then Trump mocked the CNN anchors movements.

Watch this…

At that point the audience erupted after Trump called CNN “Fake News”. They instantly began to boo and chant, “CNN sucks! CNN sucks!”

Will this keep going? Only time will tell. one of them will eventually give in, my guess is CNN will quit before Trump.



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