President Trump Does Hilarious ‘Barack Obama’ Impression, And Sets The Internet On Fire

Many people who are outspoken critics of President Donald Trump keep telling him that he is just not acting ‘Presidential enough’. During his rally in Florida on Tuesday night, it seems like he had enough.

With a sold out crowd in a packed Florida State Fairgrounds arena Trump leaned toward the microphone and said, it is a “lot easier to act presidential than to do what I do. Anybody can act like a President.”

Right after he said that, Trump stood up stiff as a board and started walking back and forth across the stage like a robot. I’m just going to assume this next part was him doing his best Barack Obama impersonation.

“Ladies and gentleman of the state of Florida,” he said in a robotic sounding voice, “thank you very much for being here.”

Then it got really really hilarious.

“You are tremendous people. I will leave now because I am boring you to death, thank you.”

Then he started to walk off stage like he was going to leave the building. When he got back to the podium the entire audience was cheering for him. This has to be the funniest comedy moment of his career to this day.

But Trump was not done yet as he made sure to give credit to someone he thinks was more Presidential that any other in history.

“I used to tell them all the time, the fake news, I’d say, ‘I can be more presidential than any president in history except for possibly Abe Lincoln with the big hat,'” Trump said.



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