Networks Ban ‘National Anthem’ From Being Aired, Trump’s Response Sets The Internet On Fire

The National Football Leagues’ inability to end the “take a knee” controversy has lead to several networks making the decision not to show the National Anthem on air that is played before the start of an NFL game.

During an event in Ohio, President Trump lit into the networks and showed how displeased he was that they chose not to show the National anthem on air.

“We’re standing proudly for our great, beautiful, wonderful national anthem,” said Trump as he started his statement.

Trump makes it known just how upset he is at the networks decision to not show Anthem.

“Which CBS and ESPN have decided not to broadcast, so they don’t have any controversy. Can you imagine that?”

“What are they doing?” Trump asked. “Do they not have a clue? It’s hurt them badly too. It’s continuing. They think they’re doing something smart by not broadcasting the national anthem.”

He finished by saying: “That’s CBS and ESPN folks. Enjoy your television.”

Listen to his remarks.

NBC has yet to make a decision saying: “On occasion, we’ve covered the national anthem, but our plans aren’t finalized yet as we have an earlier kickoff time in 2018.”