After Trump Applauded Women in Congress NPR Tried To ‘Fact Check’ Him, It Completely Backfires

It seems nowadays people are too eager to check up on every little thing that comes out of President Trump’s mouth. Even things he says that are entirely true, some seem to want to twist it and make it something it never was. The same can be said while President Trump was giving his State of the Union speech on Tuesday.

NPR Politics decided they would take an amazing moment from the night and “Fact Check” what President Trump was saying. Trump wanted to give praise to all the women in Congress by congratulating all the congresswomen, as well as all the female senators. They are the biggest part of the largest class of female legislators in Congress in history.

It was definitely one of the largest applauses of the night where almost every member in the room stood their feet and began clapping for the historical achievement.

This was truly a great moment in the evening, yet some wanted to tear it down. NPR decided to take it upon themselves to check it out, and then post what they had found.

Nice try…

If you’ll notice, they are trying to divide it into parties, Republican vs Democrat. Yet, that wasn’t the case where Trump was concerned. Trump was unifying all of them, and looking at everyone as a whole, not as one political party or another. But I guess there always has to be one in every crowd that takes a great moment and poops on it.

As you can imagine, there were people from all sides of the parties that found this fact check seemingly unnecessary and flat and tasteless. They all took to Twitter to state their opinions on what NPR had done.

As you can see, people were not too pleased with this “fact check” which is complete satire if you ask me. It seems much more frustrating however to those in the Media business. People already criticize them for false news and question their stories, and something like this sure doesn’t help.

Fox News reporter Laura Ingraham said it was: “purposeful lying” And even the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., voiced his opinion on the matter, and he didn’t hold back one little bit.

Even Selena Zito of the ‘Washington Examiner’ explained her feelings on how this doesn’t help with the distrust of the media.

No matter what comes about this unnecissary fact check, it’s certain that the Presidents speech was a great one and well received by fellow Americans.

CBS News did a poll and found that 76 percent of Americans approved of the State of the Union address, and we approve too. Well done Mr. President.