Soldier Dads Meet Their Babies For The First Time

The birth of a child is obviously a huge deal, but for many men serving our country they don’t have the chance to be there when that fateful day arrives.

While I’m sure they would love nothing more than to be there the moment their child enters the world, the unfortunate reality is that doesn’t always happen.

Many troops have to wait months, even years, before they get to meet their son or daughter, but when they finally do get to embrace their child for the first time it’s an absolutely beautiful moment.

This dad can’t help but smile while holding his baby for the first time.

Sometimes the shock and awe of holding your child causes you to get completely lost in the moment, as is the case with this father.

Some dads shed tears of joy when their newborn is finally in their arms.

And while the moment is incredibly powerful for dads, it’s also incredibly touching to see how the moms react to their husbands holding what their love produced.

Check out this amazing video of soldiers getting to see their kids for the first time. Be sure to grab a stack of tissues.

Is someone cutting onions? For some reason I seem to be tearing up.