“Fixer Upper” Couple Posts New Photos With Baby Crew, And Melt Every Heart In America

On June 24th Chip and Joanna Gaines, the Christian couple that won the hearts of America with their hit TV series, “Fixer Upper” had their 5th child. Crew Gaines was born into the spotlight and the family continues to share their best moments with fans.

A few days ago they took Crew Gaines to his first Football game. Baylor University played Abilene Christian University in Chip and Joanna’s hometown of Waco Texas in a hot summer evening.

“First game day for baby Crew 🏈 #sicem,” Joanna wrote in the caption with Crew cuddled up with her.

Chip also posted a sweet photo and captured a selfie with the tiny bundle of joy and his wife. Baby Crew is sleeping in both photos but it looks like he was good luck for the local Baylor team as they won the game!

Just when you thought these moments could not get any cuter, Joanna posts a new photo last Wednesday night of Crew getting his weight measured at the doctors office. Chip Gaines is leaning over and smiling at his son.

It’s a moment that will melt your heart.

“Weigh in day at the doctor… @chipgaines always seems to make things better.” Joanna wrote.