Heartbreaking Video Shows Dog Desperately Chase Owner After He’s Abandoned

With as much of a case people have made these days that their pets are a part of their families, it’s even more appalling to learn that someone abandoned their animal, for whatever the reason.

Seeing it actually happen is even worse. A person commuting on a scooter saw a couple on a scooter of their own let a full grown dog go in the middle of rainy traffic!

Someone uploaded the video to try and find any info about the dog or the owners.

You can see the dog trying to catch up with its owners, clearly not knowing what’s going on, and trying to jump back in their arms.

The dog eventually catches up, because the scooter get stuck in traffic. And you see the rider knee the dog in the face as it tries to jump up.

You can the full gut wrenching video below.

If you have a pet and feel that you can no longer take care of them, please find a friend or a shelter to take them to instead of just abandoning them in the literal streets.