Drill Sergeant’s Heart Breaks When He Asks About Rebellious Boy’s “Daddy”

It seems that more and more marriages end in divorce and many children end up with the mother most of the time. My father left when I was 15 so this video really hits close to home.

In this case on an episode of “Jenny Jones” they wanted to ‘bootcamp their pre-teen”. This young boy is getting questioned by a drill instructor and his reply is totally unexpected.

When the drill instructor asks, “You’re not an adult until you’re 18. do you want me to be your daddy for the next 8 years Son?”

The kid replies with a, “yes”.

The Sergeant was trying to make him a bit afraid but then pushed a bit more and asked;

“Why do you want me to be your daddy?” To which the child replied, “because I don’t have one”. The two then hugged and walked off the stage together.

Watch the moment that brought America to tears.