Her Daughter’s Skin Turned Red And Blistered, Now This Grieving Mom Is Warning Every Parent

As a parent we all want our kids to be healthy and never get sick. When they play outside they sometimes can come back with random bruises and scratches. But even more scary is when they have red bumps and you can;t figure out the source.

A mother recently posted a warning on social media after she found red bumps and tiny moving spots on her kids arm.

“I’m putting this out there just a heads up for parents of kids who love to play outside during this time. Emmalee was playing outside yesterday, rolling around on the ground while enjoying the sprinkler. After coming inside and laying down for a nap, I just happened to notice tiny (and I mean TINY) little black dots all over her legs, abdomen, arms and armpit area.”

“Thinking they may have just been seeds, I tried to wipe them or scrape one off and it was a TICK! She must’ve been playing in or near a nest of tick larvae and was covered. I spent nearly an hour and a half picking over 150 minuscule baby ticks off of her, gave her a long dawn dish soap bath with repeated washing, washed all bedding, clothing and toys she came into contact with afterwards and administered Benadryl.”

“This morning she woke up with a low grade fever, these spots on her and a hard, large marble sized swollen lymph node. She’s been seen by the Dr. already today and started on an aggressive and extended course of antibiotics and antihistamines, hopefully it’ll clear up quickly.”

“I want to make every parent aware of what these look like so you can be on the lookout. They’re not as easy to see as the ticks you’re likely looking for on yourself or children. Pictures and videos below (look very carefully) – research ‘seed ticks’ (ticks in the larvae stage of life) for more information.

These were NOT chiggers. I had a handful of these ticks sent away to be analyzed and (thankfully) negatively tested for Lyme Disease.”

Keep an eye out for this and take care of them as soon as you find any. Share this to spread the word.