You’ll Never Guess Who Billy Graham Asked To Build His Casket

Beloved Evangelist Billy Graham passed away early Wednesday morning at his home surrounded by family. He recently turned 99 in November and his son, Franklin Graham said that his father has been battling with health issues.

Since his passing there has been nothing but love pouring out for the man and his family. Graham changed millions of lives leading them to Jesus and even mentored several Presidents during his life.

With his funeral happening very soon people have been asking who will be building his casket. It was recently announced and came as a total surprise.

Graham will be buried at the U.S. Capitol Rotunda and it was announced that his casket is being made by inmates at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Burl Cain, and inmate at the prison had the following to say.

“This was a great honor. Because this is a great man of God and he wants him an inmate to build his coffin and get the inmate preachers involved and it is mind-boggling it sends a great message.”

The casket was already built back in 2006 at the request of Billy Graham said WAFB.

“Inmates at one of the country’s most well-known prisons will have a hand in laying Reverend Billy Graham to rest. At his request, Angola inmates built his casket back in 2006.”

Billy Graham had a heart for all people and spoke to many inmates during his lifetime. If only more of us were as humble as Billy Graham! He is truly a man of God who never wavered from the Gospel. God bless Billy Graham and may he rest in peace.



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