Franklin Graham Warns That If Christians Don’t Vote, “Godless Secularism Will Take Over”

Franklin Graham is one of the boldest men on the face of the planet. He regularly stands up for God knowing that every time he does he’s going to be hit with an onslaught of attacks.

Still, he remains to be a pillar of strength for the entire Christian community, and this week he warned about what will happen if Christians sit on the sidelines come election time. Although many state elections may have gone and passed, Graham’s message is one we need to remember in 2020.

“As Christians, we should pray and cast our ballot for the candidates who most closely align with biblical principles,” he said in a post on his Facebook page. “[Candidates] who are pro-life, and who support religious freedom.”

“If Christians are absent or silent at elections, progressives and those who stand for godless secularism—regardless of party label—will take over key leadership roles and influence our communities and our country.”

Pastor Graham is absolutely correct in his statement. If people with God in their heart don’t get out and vote, those who wish to promote things like transgender kids, post-birth abortion (murder), and other acts of degeneracy will win.

Sadly, there are millions of people out there who have decided to make God their personal enemy. For whatever reason, these people hate the idea of promoting Christian values.

Here’s what I mean:

Graham acts like “godless secularism” would be a bad thing. Yet a win for “progressives and those who stand for godless secularism” would be a welcome change to the politics that elected the pussy-grabber-in-chief currently occupying the Oval Office. Indeed, the fact that an overwhelming number of evangelicals continue to support Trump is all the evidence one needs to know that these people lack common sense and human decency, and should probably refrain from voting and allow the adults to make the important decisions.

As for Graham, he is a deplorable Christian extremist who frequently preaches a message of hatred and intolerance for gays and others he finds offensive. Recently Graham made headlines by warning gay presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg that he must repent or face eternal damnation for “flaunting his homosexuality.”

That was written by a guy from Progressive Secular Humanist. They routinely promote homosexuality, transgenderism, and the idea that people are so helpless they are incapable of building a life without government help. And of course, they hate anything Trump.

Christians, we know why we vote the way they do. Democrats literally want to kill babies. They want to encourage kids to engage in homosexual behavior. They want to let grown men who dress as women read to children.

We can’t pretend that “Conservatives” are perfect either. They routinely give in to demands from the left, further pushing our society on the path of destruction in the name of the almighty dollar.

This part really irked me:

“As for Graham, he is a deplorable Christian extremist who frequently preaches a message of hatred and intolerance for gays and others he finds offensive.”

Preaching from the Bible is not “hate”. It is reading the word of God. Of course those who wish to continue living in sin find the message “offensive”. Christianity is NOT the religion of tolerance. True Christianity demands boldness in the face of an angry mob.

We are so lucky to have Franklin Graham as a warrior for Christ. Now the question is, who else is going to step up?