Watch This Child of God Light Up the Room On America’s Got Talent

There are few moments in life that make you cry the instant they happen. When Kodi Lee stepped on stage it was on of those moments that made the tears instantly fall and the light of God’s glory showed through the whole room.

Gabrielle Union used her FIRST golden buzzer for Kodi and created one of the most emotional moments in AGT history. This video already has over 3 million views on Youtube and much more on Facebook. It went viral after Terry Crews posted it to his page.

This child of God is a prodigy. Autism and blindness can’t erase the smile from the face of Kodie Lee! Kodi has just given HOPE, POWER, and HAPPINESS to those who feel marginalized because of who they are. Erase the DIS, and highlight the ABILITY!

Kodi Lee is autistic and blind, but that does not stop him from using his gift! Watch this performance that had the world in tears.

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