Watch The Jeep Super Bowl Ad that Is Incredibly Breathtaking

I never thought an Ad from Jeep would take my breath away, but here we are in 2019 and my heart skipped a beat.

Jeep made an ad that brings Patriotism back to the American people and I am even more proud that I also own a Jeep!

This video has over 38 million views in just 4 days and is taking the country by storm.

Jeep said the following in the video description:

For more than 75 years, the Jeep name has been indelibly associated with freedom, authenticity, adventure and passion. These are vehicles for “dreamers and doers” – forging extraordinary, uncommon bonds between themselves and their owners, because adventure is found in every Jeep vehicle’s DNA.

They celebrated Fathers!

Jeep celebrates Fathers

They honored our Firefighters!

Jeep honors firefighters

they paid tribute to our Police!

Police officers are celebrated in the 2019 Suoer Bowl ad.

And they honored our Veterans who fought so bravely for the freedom we all have today!

A hero salutes

The Jeep badge stands for more than a brand. In truth, it’s a badge of honor.

Take a few minutes of your day and watch the Jeep ad that everyone in America needs to see!