WATCH A Christmas Lights Display Pay Tribute To Our Military In A Spectacular Way

It’s that time of year again, where people decorate their homes with beautiful lights, people walk through neighborhoods singing carols, and you get to gather with all your loved ones. Yet, for some, this time of year isn’t as happy. To some, they are missing their loved ones who can not be home for the Holidays.

Christmas time is a wonderful time of year, for me, it’s actually my favorite time of year. Even the scents in the air smell different, and the candle scents at the stores remind me of my Grandma’s homemade pies.

There are those out there that do not get to experience all of this. They’re out there keeping America safe and protected, because they are the faces of our military men and women.

They’re out there missing their families and friends during the holidays to ensure that we all, as Americans, can have a safe and happy Christmas.

A little town called Andrews, sits at the bottom of the Texas panhandle, approximately thirty miles east of New Mexico, has taken this into consideration, and paid an amazing tribute to our military men and women in a phenomenal display of lights. This was put on by the The Andrews Chamber of Commerce and Randall Roberts.

It has to be difficult to be away from those you love during the holiday season, so to those past, present, and future men and women who fight to keep our freedom safe, this one is for you!