Tim Allen Joins Steve Harvey And Shares A Secret From His Latest Toy Story Movie

Two of the biggest veterans in comedy occupied the same space last week, Tim Allen appeared on the Steve Harvey show, and it’s a segment you don’t want to miss.

Tim has shared the story multiple times, and lets Steve break it down his own way. Tim was all smiles and sat there relaxed, laughing at his friend taking a jab at Allen’s former network home.

“If you understand the story, the show was on ABC. ABC canceled it. Fox picked it up.”

Allen jumps in, “We’re writing six more episodes, we’re late in the season, and ABC says we’re gonna go another direction. We were the second highest rated show on ABC. Then on a trip to New York, I get a call from one of the execs at FOX saying, ‘How would you feel about coming back?’ And we’ve got about 95% of the crew back…”

Steve took a jab at the networks which are removing his show in some markets to replace it with Kelly Clarkson’s new show,

“Say hello to Fox for me when you get back over there. Tell ’em Steve said hello.”

“Why is that?” Allen asks inquisitively.

“Never know, never know.” Steve replies, as the crowed erupts in applause.

The two also discuss Allen’s role in the upcoming Toy Story 4.

“Toy Story 4, I can only tell you that somehow they got this thing better than three. I can’t tell you anything about it except that it is marvelous, expansive, better, it’s wonderful it’s sad.”

Steve interjects,

“I’m gonna have to see it fifty times, because I now have five grandkids!”

The two are great friends, and it’s always fun to see two such funny men in their element.