‘The View’ Gets Schooled With The Truth By ABC’s Jon Karl, You Gotta Watch It

It is no shocker at all when someone says the media likes to spin things the way they want them to be read and heard. It’s hard to know what the truth is anymore just by watching news stations, and listening to one side or the other say whatever they want to gain whatever they want.

There is nothing easy about wanting to trust what you hear, but knowing most of it is a big steaming pile of manure. That’s right, we are fed so much manure we could probably stockpile mountains of it on a daily basis. Just think, with all that manure spewing out of the mouths of mainstream media we could contivate America’s Farms with lots of compost.

When you actually hear the truth out of the mouths of media personnel, it is actually quite shocking. ABC’s Jon Karl made a very real and unexpected admission on ‘The View’. His comments stunned many people especially since he is media and he seems to be trying to tell the truth. Jon Karl stated that there is zero evidence of President Trump or anyone in his campaign colluding aka working with the Russians.

Despite what the media has been trying to get everyone to believe since day one of President Trump being declared the victor in the Presidential Election.

Here is the main statement that Karl said in regards to the accusations:

“I think there are reasons to be skeptical but I think the biggest one is what happened afterwards and there is no indication that Robert Mueller picked up any of this. And here’s a very important point. We are now just, I believe, weeks away from getting a final report from Robert Mueller, and there is so much anticipation, so much speculation about what he is going to show. He’s been looking into this whole range of issues. I am led to believe by people who have interacted with the special counsel that we should be prepared for him to release a report that is anti-climactic. Look, he’s already done a lot. He’s already gotten more than 30 indictments, the president’s inner circle, his campaign chairman convicted, his national security adviser indicted, his personal lawyer. So much has already been there, but on the central question of did Donald Trump or anybody in his campaign coordinator collude with the Russians in their effort to meddle in the 2016 campaign, we have seen zero evidence of that –“

Take a look at the video below to watch the entire conversation unfold.