Steve Harvey Asks If Anyone Has “Marriage Problems”, Wife Raises Hand And Gets More Than She Bargained For

A wife and husband were in the audience when Steve Harvey asks if anyone needs help with something. When a wife raised her hand she got more than she bargained for.

Collecting muscle cars seems like fun and games, until someone doesn’t enjoy it quite as much anymore. For one married couple this has become the case with her husbands 1972 Corvette. The couple has been married for 31 years and his wife says the Corvette was always his first love, and his baby.

She said she used to love going on Sunday drives in her husbands Corvette, but now a days she can’t stand the car at all. After several paint jobs, and modifications, she feels like the car is just too much.

His wife calls the Corvette, “A Mr. T on wheels.” Says he has changed the color, added silver plating, switched out motors, and has no mufflers in the car. Her husband has modified the Corvette so much that it has to be trailered places and they can no longer use it for Sunday rides.

She said, “The love and the passion of a nice Sunday strole is gone, and he uses it for Sunday car shows instead.”

She also went on to explain they had to move due to the motors getting bigger and bigger, and that the whole house would shake when her husband started up the car. Steve stood there listening to her as she explained what it was about the Corvette that was just so awful.

She went on complaining about the car, until Steve asked her straight out, “You don’t like the car do you?” and she answered stating, “No I do not! I want more attention on me, and less on the car.” Steve’s response was hilarious asking her why she took him on the stories with all the country rides, when it was really about her wanting her husband to focus more on her.

Steven goes on to ask about seeing a photo of the car, and the audiences reaction, as well as Steve’s was priceless.

The audience erupts with clapping as Steve yells; “Yeah! Yeah!” and puts his fist in the air at the awesome Corvette.

Steve turns back around and asks the wife; “Now well, what’s your problem.” as everyone, including the wife erupts into laughter. “Cause let me tell you something, because all the men in here just went aaaww hell no!” and Steve went on to make car motor noises. It was the funniest thing I have seen all day.

Steve wrapped up that moment by saying; “I’m sorry ma’am, I know you came here for some help, but you came to a guy that collects cars.”

Check out this hilarious interaction below. Way to have the car guys back Steve, you made car people everywhere proud.