‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Posts Devastating News, Asks For Prayers And Healing

A few weeks ago “Sons of Anarchy” star David Labrava share some heartbreaking news about his young son on Instagram.

Labrava shared with his fans that his 16-year-old son, Tycho, took his own life earlier in the week. In a heartbreaking posts on Instagram, Labrava said he didn’t notice any warning signs with his “happy son” before his son took his own life.

Never in a million tears would I think I would be posting this. This is my boy Tycho. He took his life a couple of days ago at 16 years old. He suffered from a depression we couldn’t see because he was a happy young kid. Communicate with your loved ones, there might not be any signs. Cherish them I am broken

Please pray for the family during this time and make sure you are there for the loved ones in your life. You never know who may be silently suffering.



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