Sneaky Kitten Escapes Pet Store Display To Meet Its Lonely Dog Friend Next Door

Who says cats and dogs don’t get along?

While we typically associate cats and dogs as enemies of one another, it turns out that these two creatures aren’t always out to get each other.

Need proof? Check out the following video of a cat escaping from his cage, and climbing into that of a dog.

Yes, a cat is filmed leaving its cage, and chooses to jump in a cage with a canine companion. This isn’t exactly something that sworn mortal enemies do. Have we been misled this whole time about dogs and cats hating one another?

I mean, just watch the puppy! He’s so excited that his feline friend is coming over, he won’t even let the cat jump down!

Once the cat finally does make it to his neighbor’s place, he is smothered with puppy smooches. The cuteness overload is real! Enjoy folks:

How could you not enjoy a video like that?!