Pelosi Tried To Ignore Trump During His Speech, She Gets The Reality Check Of A Lifetime

During the State of the Union address, all eyes were on President Trump and what all he was talking about, but there were several things the American people noticed during the speech, and it wasn’t anything Trump himself was doing.

Aside from Bernie Sanders and his scowl when President Trump bashed socialism, and the fact that there was a group wearing all white who seemed incapable of smiling, it was also noticed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had her face buried in a stack of papers nearly the entire time.

This act took the internet by storm, and people wanted to know exactly what Pelosi was reading. But others went ahead and made some really hilarious guesses as to what exactly she was reading, and what could possibly be more important than the President’s SOTU address.

These comments are absolutely great, although a spokesperson for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put rumors to rest by confirming it was a copy of Trump’s speech that had her attention, and not some sort of juicy love novel.

I’m actually a little disappointed it wasn’t something dirty, I mean, she really does seem to love a good gossip.