“Last Man Standing” Finally Debuted, Tim Allen Has A Special Message For The Naysayers

It’ the moment we’ve all been waiting for since the show was canceled, the return of Last Man Standing.

The latest sitcom from comedian, Tim Allen, returned with very high ratings. It was unceremoniously canceled with no cause, and immediately its loyal fanbase went to work demanding and petitioning that the show return.

Last Man Standing debuted its seventh season on a new network, Fox. and blew it’s old numbers out of the water!

The show averaged a spectacular 8 million viewers! Not only did it do better on a new network, It’s also already the most watched comedy on Fox in seven years.

Allen knew the comeback was going to be a hit, and tweeted out a giant thank you to all the fans!

He reached out to fans for their favorite moments,

The fans were happy there was a new “Mandy” also,

Here’s a new video with Allen joking around about his character’s progression and personal development.

“We get into a weird thing when I can’t say stuff.”