After Months Of Silence, Trisha And Garth Make A Huge Confession About Their Marriage

Trisha and Garth Brooks have to be among the most admired couples in country music today and their marriage is stronger than ever. On Dec. 10 they celebrated their 12 year wedding anniversary and Trisha just shared a huge confession about their marriage.

It seems like more and more celebrity marriages barely last, but Trish and Garth have managed to weather the storms of life together.

Yearwood was on the cover of People Country and shared how supportive her country King is and called Garth her “biggest cheerleader.”

“He’s the guy who says, ‘There’s nothing you can’t do.’ One of the things we respect about each other is that we’re both independent,” Yearwood said in her interview. “He makes more money than I do, but I’m an independent girl and always have been. I want to pull my weight in life and in the relationship.”

Between their two empires they have build a beautiful life together and it’s good to see their bond is just as strong as the day they met.



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