Singer Steps On Stage To Sing A Christian Song, The Judges Are Left In Shock When She Starts

American Idol is known for having a wide range of talent come through their doorways. Some leave everyone speechless in not so good ways, while others take the house down with such amazing performances. I know I have been brought to tears watching on many occasions.

At the age of 22 Angela Miller auditioned in New Jersey, for the twelfth season of American Idol and walked away with a golden ticket to advance. She wowed the judges with her voice and slayed songs such as, Diamonds by Rihanna, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, by Elton John, and many more inspiring artists.

Angela made it to the top 4 before singing a Christian song that made her stand out most. Her performance of Jessie J’s “Who You Are” stunned not only the crowd, but the judges as well.

With so much controversy surrounding us it seems nowadays, it’s nice to see someone stand up and sign about Faith on National Television, and she did it in such a superb way. Angela made it into the top 3 before she was eliminated.

Angela stated at the end of her American Idol run, “I know the message that I want to send out, and I know the music I want to do. I can’t wait to show it to people.” She has since changed her stage name to Zealyn and her first single was released in 2015. She also has gone on to release a Christian album titled; Weathered, which was released November 12, 2014.

She is an inspiration, she shows that no matter who you are standing in front of, you can still be true to yourself and your beliefs.

Check out this tear jerking performance yourself. Be ready with the tissues, because it’s a tear jerker.