Ellen Asks Jerry Seinfeld If There Will Be a “Seinfeld” Reboot, He Hints At The Possibility

“Seinfeld” ended in 1998 and ever since then fans have been wondering if the show will ever return. There have been hints and rumors but nothing have ever been confirmed or said about a reboot, until now!

On Tuesday Jerry Seinfeld was a guest On The “Ellen” show and she didn’t waste any time popping the big question. She smiled and looked at Jerry, then she asked…

“Do you think Jerry, there would be a possibility that Seinfeld would come back?”

Source: Twitter

Jerry replied: “It’s possible”. That’s when the audience erupted in applause.

All I can say in response to this is, YES!!! Bring it back Jerry. The world would be a better place.

Later that day Jerry posted the exchange in a short tweet. Here is the exchange between Ellen and Jerry.



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