24 Hours After Her Show Is Cancelled, Roseanne Barr Gets More Devastating News

On Tuesday the blowback from Roseanne’s Tweet caused ABC to cancel her show without hesitation. This turn of events not only affected Roseanne herself, but also hurt the cast and crew of the hit show that was set to start a second season.

Just when you thought it would blow over, Viacom announces that it will no longer air old episodes on the Paramount Network, CMT, and TV Land.

Online TV network, LAFF, will also be taking the show off their lineup. They made the following statement to The Wrap.

“While we believe viewers have always distinguished the personal behavior of the actress Roseanne Barr from the television character Roseanne Conner, we are disgusted by Barr’s comments this week. Therefore, we are removing the original ‘Roseanne’ series from the Laff schedule for the time being, effective immediately.”

Roseanne later apologized on Twitter.