Pat Sajak Destroys Jimmy Kimmel And Liberal Celebrities With One Hilarious Tweet

In the wake of the Las Vegas attack dozens of celebrities took it upon themselves to post uninformed opinions on the matter and attacked conservatives for their love of guns.

Pat Sajak, host of Wheel Of Fortune posted a hilarious Tweet in response to these self important celebs like Jimmy Kimmel.

His sarcastic tone makes this even more amazing. Sajak is a political conservative and if you take a closer look at his Twitter account you can tell he does not let fame get to his head. He also has a long history of mocking other “self-important” celebrities and leftist Liberals.

This is funny and sadly true. Actors like Liam Neeson or Matt Damon who openly talk about their hate for guns, yet all of their movies have massive amounts of gun violence. Apparently it’s only right to have guns if you make millions off of them.

Here’s a few more good ones mocking Liberals.

We had no idea Pat Sajak could be this savage… and hilarious at the same time!



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