WATCH: Video Shows Teen Being Harassed In Seattle For Wearing “MAGA” Hat

We have heard so many stories of Liberals taking or knocking off “Make America Great Again” hats from people heads. This is another incident of the kind but it was finally caught on camera for the world to see.

A teenager walking down the street in Seattle, Washington, was harassed for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. The hat was also ruined after the event took place and photos show what was done to it.

In a viral video posted to YouTube you can see Ashton Hess yelling at the man who allegedly spat on his hat, “That’s my property dude. Come on.”

The video then continues and shows the man telling Hess to “get the f*** out [of] this city.”

Hess said that he was with his family waiting for a ride outside the Starbucks Reserve Roastery when the incident occurred.

Fox News reports:

He said that the woman seen in the video knocked the hat from his head and onto the ground, after which the man spat on it. The woman is heard saying, “You’re not welcome here” to Hess as well. “[The man] continued to curse at and flip off my family. I did absolutely nothing to provoke anyone around, and was completely blindsided when I was hit,” he said.

The hat was spit on and here’s what it looked like right after.

Watch the video and exchange below.



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