Watch The Ridiculous Gillette AD That’s Going Viral, Because Everyone Hates It

Gillette just made a new ad, and it’s going viral because all their customers hate it.

Social justice is becoming toxic and the new ad from Gillette is proof of that. In their ad they call out an entire gender, tear them down and say that men are all bad. The ad is being celebrated from the left and by social justice warriors who love to hate men.

A parenting blog called “Scary Mommy” writes;

The men’s toiletry brand has had this tagline for the last 30 years: “The Best A Man Can Get.” Now, they just released an ad with a new take on that: “The Best A Man Can Get” now means stopping other men, including the next generation, from harassing and mistreating women, but also from bullying each other and engaging in acts of toxic masculinity.

They continue…

The ad, targeted at men and called “We Believe,” begins with audio of news about the #MeToo movement. A narrator then takes on the common phrase, “boys will be boys,” asking, “It this the best a man can get? Is it? We can’t hide from it. It has gone on far too long. We can’t laugh it off, making the same old excuses.”

That’s where this ad begins to spiral down a rabbit hole.

While I get the point of what the ad is trying to convey, their approach is completely wrong. Many customers agree with that as well.

I’ll get to the comments about it and why it is wrong, but you have to watch it first.

The ad is clearly not resonating with the people who buy their products. As of right now the video has over 12,000 dislikes compared to only 1,700 likes.

When you watch the whole thing it’s easy to understand why… here we go.

The video starts with the #metoo movement then goes on to show teens sitting on the couch watching a girl on TV dance and a guy being creepy to the maid.

REALITY: Not all of us guys are creepy assholes.

Then they show 2 kids fighting and the Men saying, “boys will be boys”.

REALITY: Every man I know would stop that fight and not just stand there and watch.

After slamming men for half the video it finally gets to the point with Gillette saying, “we believe in the best in men”.

Even the comments about the video show how much people hate the Ad.

Well my reply to that Gillette… I believe in the best in men as well, but I’m not going to stereotype an entire gender to believe that.

Stop trying to be woke, or you will end up broke.