Video Exposes What Really Goes On During “Drag Queen Story Time”

You don’t have to look to hard to find examples of society in decay, but this whole drag queen story time might be the most blatant.

Folks on the left want to tell you that drag queen story time is a good thing, and promotes acceptance, but is this the kind of behavior we should be encouraging? Is this the type of thing we want kids to think about?

A sane individual would say “hell no,” but these clearly aren’t sane times. While “tolerant” liberals want to push this trans movement on kids, people with sense realize the danger they are potentially putting their children in, especially in regards to their mental development and well being.

While some may ask “what’s the harm in letting an adult read to kids?”, it’s hard to watch this video and say that this is good for anyone, let alone young minds:

If we don’t take steps to prevent our kids from being exposed to this degeneracy we will only see our once proud country continue to crumble thanks to people like this.