Tim Allen Posts New “Last Man Standing” Video Mocking ABC and It’s Hilarious

Tim Allen’s hit sitcom Last Man Standing is returning to T.V. this fall, and based on the upcoming season’s trailer, it’s going to be absolutely hilarious.

The show’s future had been in limbo for over a year following its cancellation by ABC. After thousands of fans had voiced their opinions, FOX decided to pick it up.

“The fan base was startling,” Allen says during an interview for the show. “It was overwhelming.”

“They were very vocal” following the cancellation, says Allen’s co-star Nancy Travis. “We fee like this [new season] is the fan’s victory.”

From the very beginning, the trailer pokes fun at ABC with one of the show’s characters asking “why would they cancel a popular show that everybody loves?”

“Maybe they’re a bunch of idiots,” Allen yells as he enters the room.

While many believe the show was originally cancelled due to it painting conservatives as “normal people” (as opposed to demonizing them), Allen has been adamant about his desire to make people laugh, and not concern themselves with politics.

“It’s escapism, and at the same time, it’s pertinent,” Travis says, before Allen reminds her that it’s also “funny”.

There might not be a better time for Allen’s show to relaunch. While much of the media focuses on politics, and “Trump this,” or “Trump that,” having a show concerned with ENTERTAINMENT might be a nice change of pace.

“It’s so great to be back with this group,” Allen says when addressing a live audience at his show’s taping. “Enjoy the show, and I just love you to death.”



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