This Is What Is At Stake If Conservatives Give In To The Left

Our children are under attack.

The current culture says that we are supposed to let these little humans with developing minds make all the decisions for themselves, to the point where they are destroying their future for the sake of being “woke”.

Children are being paraded in the streets with naked men, all in the name of “tolerance”, and “pride”. There’s nothing to be proud of when you are letting your kids be part of this:

The first thing people on the left will say to condemning this behavior is “you’re spreading hate!”

There is nothing hateful about wanting children to have their brains protected from irreparable harm.

It wasn’t enough to just accept that people are different. It never was. Now we are pushing this kind of lifestyle onto our kids, and it’s not going to help them.

There will come a time where common sense prevails, and sanity whens, and when it comes these kids are going to be left out in the cold. Their peers don’t think they are cool. This is all a show to appease adults.

What happens when these kids grow up, and realize they were used as props? What happens when future employers do a quick search online and see these kinds of pictures associated with those kids?

Leftists will say, “Oh, that’s so messed up!”

Ya, it is messed up. It’s messed up that a parent would put their child in that situation just to get some “likes” and comments. It’s messed up that parents don’t have discernment, and don’t know that it’s their job to guide their children to success. This granola making, armpit hair having new wave parenting is failing kids by “letting them make their own mistakes”.

Let your kid touch the pan when you tell them it’s hot. Learn that kind of lesson. Don’t let them go to places they should not be going.

Now we have parents who think they should be forcing their children to transition. These are kids. They don’t know anything. Of course they will be confused when mommy asks “do you want to be a girl?”

Who does that? Crazy people. That’s what we are up against.

We need to pray, but we also need to speak out. We can’t be afraid of the “cool kids” slamming us for not being “woke”. Who cares what they think. They think ladies can be guys, and guys can be ladies. Their opinions aren’t worth much.

If this doesn’t scare you enough, consider how major media outlets have worked so hard to cover for Jeffrey Epstein, the world’s most notorious pedophile. Current culture doesn’t care about protecting our kids. It’s about time we realized that and start doing something about it.