The Last Man Standing Vlog is Back, And Mike Has A Special Message For Every Snowflake

Over eight million people watched the debut of “Last Man Standing,” as it returned to prime time television this past week.

In a landscape where all ‘voices’ are given attention and air time in the name of diversity, an intelligent conservative voice is often missing. Or if it is represented, they’re shown us one dimensional idiots.

Thankfully for America, Tim Allen is not a bleeding heart liberal. He’s a free thinker, and doesn’t take kindly to being told what he can and cannot say.

One of the best parts of Last Man Standing’s return, is that it also means the return of Mike Baxter’s Vlog. And he kicked it off right!

In it he likens the current trend of policing everyone else’s thoughts and actions to over active referees in football,

“Everybody has been deputized to throw a yellow hanky if they don’t like something you wore, or said, or thought.”

He complains about how pass interference isn’t subject to instant replay, and that goes for opinions outside the court of public opinion,

“Just like pass interference, ‘politically correct,’ isn’t reviewable either.”

“If the ‘Thought Police’ decide you did something wrong, they will eject you!”

“Good thing I don’t really care about hurting other people’s feelings.”

If this is how Allen is coming back, we’re in for a great season!