Seconds After Tomi Lahren Was Attacked By Liberals, Trump Jr. Set Them Straight

Tomi Lahren is an American loving Patriot and the Halloween costume she decided to wear last night in the middle of California has Liberals freaking out and trying to tell her that it’s wrong.

We all know that a lot of liberals are hypocrites who blast the right with little thought of the things they have done being exactly the same as what they are condemning.

Tomi Lahren posted a pic of her costume to her Instagram and it’s awesome!

Tomi Lahren wears an American Flag inspired costume. Source: Instagram.

Ryan Fornier, a political commentator and activist for Trump Students and Fox News found it very Patriotic tweeting, “And the MOST patriotic costume goes to .@TomiLahren!! #Halloween2017 #MAGA”.

When Olberman saw it… this was his response.

Here’s the thing… on the cover of his new book Olberberman is wearing a flag and it is touching the ground. this violates several rule for respecting the flag.

When Donald Trump saw it he had the best response.

Lol. Go Trump!

His caption reads, “Apparently someone let Keith out of his padded room. #maga”

Liberals tend to think they are so perfect and above us all. Sometimes it takes the facts and truth to shut them down.

I’d say that Trump Jr. had the perfect response to a Liberal hypocrite. Way to go Trump Jr!!! #MAGA



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