San Francisco Is A Dumpster, But At Least College Athletes Can Make Money

The state of California can’t seem to get a grip on reality, and the worst example of this is the once beautiful city of San Francisco. Small businesses and restaurants are closing at alarming rates. In 2017, it was reported that as many businesses that were closing, were also opening every year, but that number has taken a big hit in the last two years despite the country’s strong economy.

San Francisco is the second highest ranked city in homelessness behind only New York. The local government has turned a blind eye to this crisis despite the streets being covered in human excrement. There are also local laws that allow for safe spaces for people to use hard drugs and not be prosecuted for it. Needles liter every corner. But these aren’t the issues that San Francisco wants to tackle. No, they’re more interested in tackling the plastic straw epidemic, or the oppression of collegiate student athletes for not being allowed to make money off of their name or likeness. Instead of blaming restaurant closings on the homeless people camping out in front, or the drug needles that occupy the sidewalks, they’re trying to claim that it’s the fact that new restaurants have to apply for, and be granted, 22 different permits. It has nothing to do with tourists shying away from the filth and uncomfortableness, it has to do with unfair safety regulations. San Francisco is slowly but surely becoming a wasteland. As the affluent people move out of the bay area for cleaner atmospheres and tourists continue to choose other destinations, the local economy will crumble, and the only people that it’ll look attractive to, will be homeless people looking for a community of peers and drug addicts looking for a place to get high where they won’t have to get hassled by law enforcement and could find quick and free medical attention should something go wrong.

But maybe, that’s exactly the point.