President Trump Shares A Photo Of Himself And Liberals Are Losing Their Minds

President Donald Trump is a master of manipulating the media, and he did it again today in the most spectacular fashion.

As we all know, the president is a fighter. That’s why he won in 2016. He’s also hilarious, and demonstrates that on a regular basis (much to the dismay of the liberal left). Thus explaining the following photo he tweeted:

Yes, the President of the United States has the humility to share a funny picture of himself on the head of “Rocky”. As expected, liberals were freaking out:

The Washington Post had to make sure people knew the photo was “doctored”, because, I can only assume, the majority of their subscribers are absolute morons. Of course we know the photo was “doctored”. That’s what makes it so funny!

Unclear why??? Because it’s funny! We have a funny president!

What’s scary is that the people freaking out over this get to vote…