Once Again, Celebs Make Hurricane Telethon About Politics

Back in 2005, Kanye West made headlines for saying “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” while trying to raise money in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Think about that for a second. Did West really think that him saying THAT would help raise more money? Maybe he did, after all… he is a “genius”.

A lot of time has passed since then, and it should be safe to assume that celebrities have learned from West’s poor decision. Unfortunately, those with microphones feel the need to spew their politics while claiming to “unite”, or whatever cliche they use.

During a telethon to raise money for Hurricane Harvey and Irma, things turned political right from the beginning, with Stevie Wonder taking jabs at global-warming deniers.

“Anyone who believes that there‚Äôs no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent.”

First of all, can we just appreciate the fact that Stevie Wonder made a blind joke. That’s funny.

Unfortunately, for Mr. Wonder, he doesn’t even have the phrase right. What he was supposed to say was “climate change,” not “global warming.”

Beyonce made sure to drive that point home in a video played during the event. Remember folks, this was supposed to be about raising money to help people. Tell me which part of this encourages you to donate:

A lot of people will say “it’s impossible to deny climate change,” and they are right. The climate changes all the time. The question is, how much of it is because of man?

And if these celebrities REALLY think man-made “climate change” is that big of a deal, they should probably start making some major changes.

For instance, how much energy is used to power a Beyonce concert? If she wants to practice what she preaches, she should probably stop playing at venues that get power from fossil fuels… And she should probably stop flying, or driving, or anything that emits carbon.

My friends, do you see how stupid this is? This virtue signaling is getting out of hand to the point where words don’t require any action behind them. How can someone claim to care about climate change, while contributing to the “problem” more than the average person?

Hey, celebrities, if you really want to prevent climate change, start doing concerts in fields using no power. Start making movies using only “green” energy. Until then, keep your “holier than thou” nonsense to yourself, and help raise money for victims of natural disasters.