Navy Officers Powerful Show Of Patriotism Just Put Every Kneeling NFL Player To Shame

One of the best traditions in baseball is the seventh inning stretch, and every team has its own thing it does to make it special.

Such is the case with the St. Louis Cardinals, who choose to use that time to honor America.

While some teams play “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” or “Sweet Caroline”, in St. Louis, the fans sing “God Bless America.”

The last time the red-birds played in the World Series, they made the singing of the song incredibly special, having a retired Navy officer lead the ballpark.

Retired petty officer Generald Wilson took the field, and was met with thunderous applause, especially by those who were in uniform that night. When he begins to sing, the crowd is blown away by his pipes, and leads one to think “why on earth isn’t this guy a professional singer?”

If you want to see a truly patriotic moment, then look no further.

While there are many people who see having patriotism as a bad thing, or “racist”, there are those who still respect our country, and what our flag stands for. Once again baseball proves why it is far superior to the caveman, simpleton game known as football.