“Justice Democrats” Founder, Green New Deal Supporter, Doesn’t Know What Farms Look Like

Kyle Kulinski is the co-founder of Justice Democrats, and host of “The Kyle Kulisnki” show, part of the pro-socialist network The Young Turks.

Folks on the left praise Kyle for daring to speak out against Trump (like everyone else), and see him as a leader among progressives. I understand why. The guy seems like a normal dude (albeit a bit crass), he just has an ideology I vehemently disagree with.

Over the weekend, Kyle provided the internet with some laughs when he decided to post a picture he took while flying over the middle of the country. As it turns out, Kyle doesn’t seem to know what a farm is, and that they are literally everywhere in certain parts of the country.

“This is land by the Colorado, Kansas border from a plane. Pretty cool. I have no idea how/ why it looks like this”

Poor guy. He made a mistake, and the internet let him have it.

The thing is, Kyle couldn’t even admit “hey, I didn’t know they were farms.” Instead, he got all defensive and said “I never fly & I think variation of color in the picture is beautiful. Sorry my wonderment isn’t sufficiently cultured or edgy.”

No, Kyle just didn’t know what middle America looks like. Perhaps now he might take some time to understand that he doesn’t have all the answers, and that people’s lives are dramatically different depending on where they live.