Jesse Lee Peterson Says “Whites Founded And Built The Greatest Country On This Side Of Heaven”

Jesse Lee Peterson has been calling out the dangers of democrat policies to Christian conservatives for years, and he doesn’t plan on biting his tongue any time soon.

An outspoken Christian, Peterson speaks from the heart, and shares views that many in the main stream would find “taboo”.

During an episode of the Jesse Lee Peterson Show last week, Peterson was hosting conservative YouTube host Nick Fuentes, and the topic of the homosexual culture came up.

“Zoomers and millennials are into the ‘intellect’ right?” the minister from Alabama began. “They don’t seem to recognize right and wrong.”

Peterson then went on to talk about how he had been watching an interview on Tucker Carlson in which a black man was professing to have conservative views, but there was one thing:

“He later screamed out that he was a homosexual, and that he had a husband. A husband! I was like what?! All my years on earth I had never heard a black man say out loud, especially in the public, that he had a husband!”

Later in the program Peterson asked Fuentes, who says he is a true “America First” conservative, an absolutely shocking question that will surely leave many scratching their heads.

“What is it like for white young men and women today knowing they’re so hated by people of color, when it’s the whites who built the greatest country on this side of heaven? What’s it like living a life like that?”

Fuentes responded by explaining that white people just “don’t feel like they can be themselves”, meanwhile “the rhetoric surrounding non-white people is that they’re ‘vibrant’, and ‘enriching the country'”.

Fuentes said that many kids in his generation feel a bit “alienated”, especially based on what they are being taught in schools.

“They’re brought up in a curriculum in the public school system and college that is teaching them ‘they’re evil, they’re responsible for slavery, and the holocaust and racism’… The rhetoric for white people is that their legacy is shameful, and they should be sorry, and must apologize, and not speak out of turn… and that’s a very damaging thing to say to young children.”

Talking heads have attempted to brand Fuentes as a white supremacist, but he states that he is a “demographic realist”, and believes that mass immigration poses an existential threat to Christian conservatives.

He has claimed to be responsible for the group that has been shutting down events hosted by Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk.