How ESPN Allowed Liberals To Ruin Their Network

Years ago, media critics took note of the fact that networks like ESPN tend to have hosts that were white, and male.

Since then, companies have been doing their best to make sure they are hiring a diverse workforce, ensuring that every part of society can connect with their hosts appearance.

What these networks have failed to realize is that, while they may have a diverse workforce in looks, they don’t have diversity in thought.

Look at Jemele Hill, for example. After calling the president a “White Supremacist” on twitter, the network did nothing.

First of all, you can’t blame ESPN for keeping her. ESPN understands that its fanbase is mostly liberal morons, and firing a black woman would lead to riots.

Secondly, you can’t blame Jemele Hill for running all over her employer. ESPN has gotten rid of people in the past for making waves on social media, but now they aren’t acting at all. We all know why: Jemele Hill = diversity!

Hill represents the views of…. just about every liberal American on cable television. She’s another one of those “Trump is a bigot” but never has examples of what makes him a bigot. The problem with that is that’s not diversity.

For a network to be diverse, they must employees with different viewpoints, and personal philosophies. Hiring people who are likeminded, but look different is not diversity. Making sure a company has enough whites, or blacks, or “whatever” isn’t diversifying, it’s quota filling.

So, while firing Jemele Hill wouldn’t do anything to the network (in terms of broadcasting bias) the optics are enough to prevent ESPN from doing anything.

Fire Jemele, and you will see people calling for a boycott of ESPN (you know, like when people said they were boycotting the NFL for being racist). Keep her on, and you send a message that ESPN is the destination for liberal sports, effectively shutting out half of their potential audience.

Either way, ESPN has really screwed things up, and they have nobody to blame but themselves.

Perhaps Jemelle will realize that what she says and does have consequences that impact her colleagues. Then again, social justice warriors only like SAYING they care. Doing it? Well, that requires genuine thought that people like Jemelle seem to be incapable of.