George H.W. Bush’s beloved dog has been given a new mission, and it’s a heartwarming one

There is a bond between a human and their dog that someone who has never had a loyal one by their side could never begin to understand. The love they show is never-ending and they are loyal to the end.

A dog will love you no matter what. It does not care how much money you make, where you live, or what your status in life is.

George H.W. Bush‘s beloved service dog is stealing hearts even after his human has passed away. Sully never left Bush’s side even when he was laid to rest. Photos of the loyal pup went viral and leave people wondering just what will happen to Sully now that Bush is gone.

In the wake of his master’s passing, Sully the service dog has a new mission that melting hearts across the world.

Sully has an Instagram and recently posted the following picture with the caption, “I just want to help with some #Christmas decorations!”

Sully holds a bow.

Just a couple weeks ago Bush’s spokesman, Jim McGrath, shared an image of service dog Sully that went viral. The photo was accompanied by the caption: “Mission Complete”.

According to Newsner, Sully has an importan new mission…

Sully was also set to remain with the Bush family throughout the funeral proceedings, before returning to America’s VetDogs in Smithtown, New York. There, he’ll stay for the holiday season, before being giving his new job serving wounded service members at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s Facility Dog Program in Maryland.

In his new duties, Sully will work alongside SGT Dillon and SGT Truman, two other service dogs at the same facility. The dogs will help wounded soldiers and active service members undergoing therapy at the center.

Sully will also be working with soldiers who have had limbs amputated.