Feminist Pours Bleach On Men’s Groins To Stop Them From ‘Manspreading’

Since when did men become the enemy of all reality?

It seems like every day men are blamed for all sorts of evil. There’s an assault on men being men, and doing things that may accommodate their, manhood at times. There’s a term called ‘manspreading.’ You know it when you see it. A man sitting on a subway bench, his legs spread far too wide than most women care to realize.

While this is done all on its own as an attempt to provide some extra comfort for the man, it’s often viewed as offensive by females who are angry at men expressing their manliness in front of them.

One woman in Russia has taken it upon herself to end man spreading. She’s doing so by approaching men on her subway route and dousing their jeans in a solution of water and bleach.

She is a young law student, who is very dedicated to hating men, and simultaneously standing up for women. When she’s not studying law, she’s actively trying to end ‘man spreading’ on the St. Petersburg subways.

She gets up to exit the subway, and when she’s passing a man she deems guilty, she unloads a bottle of this mixture on their pants.

It’s wet, and annoying, and she says it stains their pants just enough for it to be noticeable while they’re walking the streets.

She hasn’t expressed any fear of her victims running to the police, but let’s give it thirty five years.